Thursday, February 20, 2014

HOP Bingo Anyone?

So I just realized that I never posted the
HOP Bingo Game
from 1970 something!
Just kidding, it wasn't quite that long ago
but it's been a while for sure!
Good Night and Little Fishes...
Here it is:

Here's the PDF:
Don't Forget about the
Family Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Class
this Saturday @10:00 am
at Stake Center on 549 S. 1525 W.
 If you take 89 South to I-15 to Park Lane exit and turn right.
 Go to Clark Lane/100N and turn right again.
Then at 1525 W turn left.
 It will be the first LDS church that you see on the left.
(It is the "green" building with the solar panels on the South side of the building.)
 Hope to see you there!

Monday, February 17, 2014

A House of Order...and FUN!

Here's the handout for the
A House of Order...and FUN
class I taught in January...
You were a way fun group by the way.
It was a blast getting to know you for sure!
I was truly in the presence
Special Thanks to my AMAZING Committee!
Seriously LOVE them!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

EVERYTHING Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Class

We will be having another
"Back to the Basics"
This SATURDAY @ 10:00 am
Farmington West Stake Center
The class is:
...Prepared NOT Scared...
and will cover
that has to do with
Family Food Storage
Emergency Preparedness!
We have
TONS of information and displays
for you to see.
This class is for the BEGINNER
as well as the ADVANCED!
Hope to see

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Temple Punch Cards

To go along with our theme:
I made Temple Punch Cards.
Each time we go to the temple we will
keep track of how many baptisms, endowments, initiatories,
and sealings we do by writing them down
on the back of the card.
Mark an "X" over the number on the front of the card
each time you to the temple.
At the end of the year our whole extended family
will get together to see if we met our goal
and celebrate all the work that we have done for the year!
Here's the PDF:
We also made up a list for the kids who are
under 12 so that they will be able to
participate as well.
Temple Punch Card List PDF:
Here's the List:
Put a picture of the temple in your room.
Read about your favorite temple.
Visit the temple grounds.
Read scriptures on the temple.
Read a talk about the temple.
Have someone take a picture of you in front of the temple.
Draw a picture of your favorite temple.
Sing, "I Love to See the Temple" in FHE.
Have parents, grandparents or siblings tell you about the day
they were sealed in the temple.
Bear your testimony about the importance of temples.
Help teach a FHE Lesson on temples.
Tell a friend about your favorite temple.
Give a picture of the temple to one of your friends.
Can you imagine how much temple work
we can do as families?!?
This is such an important work...
are YOU up for the challenge?

2014 Monthly Theme Pages and Ideas

Every year we choose a new theme to use
as a guide for our FaMiLy throughout the year!
We chose each of our monthly theme's pretty early.
They are listed below:
The "iStand" part of our Monthly Focus
came from a friend of mine...
Allyson Schmid!
Allyson chose "iStand" as her theme.
Their goal will be to visit as many temples
as possible this year.
You can choose a main theme with monthly topics,
or you can choose one theme and stick with
that all year.
Our Monthly Theme Page will include a...
Family Temple Date
Quote from Prophet's and Apostles
and our
Extended Family FHE Date!
Here's the PDF for the
"iStand" Theme Pages:
I left the Temple Date and FHE Date blank
so that you can add your own.
We are looking forward to a great year
as a FaMiLy, and we know
that as we strive to apply the
Savior's teachings to our lives...
We will grow closer as a family and become
more like HIM!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Time to Make Goals!

The Goal Pages for 2014
are HERE!
There are 11 colors to choose from!
Here's the PDF:
I have also updated the
Goal Placemats!
Here's the PDF:
This will be our FHE for the night!
Here's a great treat to go along with it:
(Picture from Comfort of Cooking)
Here's a link to the recipe:
It should be a
Great FHE Night!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Calendar Set 3 - Portrait!

These are up-dated calendars from last year as well.
They are in the portrait format
and will fit easily into your Day Keeper!
They also include Matching Journal Pages
so watch for them on another post!
Here’s what they look like:
January 2014

Calendar Set 2!

A Blast from the Past
These are up-dated landscape calendars from last year...
with a few extras!
I added matching Photo and Journal Pages.
Watch for the Journal Pages on a separate post!
Here’s what they look like:
January 2014
More Journal Pages and Goal Pages
Coming Up!

"Here's What We Did This Month" Journal Pages

2014 Journal Page Packet
I made these pages to go along with the
Birthdays and Anniversaries Calendar.
Here’s what they look like:
Ton’s More to Come!
I’ve got to make up for last year!!!

2014 Birthday and Anniversary Calendar...1 of 3!

Happy New Year Everyone!
2013 was a crazy year for us!
We had a flood two days before our missionary came home.
(Which just happened to completely ruin his bedroom and ours!)
We had a second flood just as the repairs were complete
and had to start all over!
We had a wedding!
We can finally say we have a daughter,
and she is so much fun!
Our sweet dog, Babes died the day of the wedding...
We found out just as we got out of the temple...
NOT good for pictures!
This was followed by a third flood.
Oh how we love water damage!
We said goodbye to my cutest Grandma Ovard.
What an amazing lady she was!
Dave and I spent some time pushing handcarts at trek.
Which we absolutely loved!
We went through 3 water heaters and 1 furnace,
50,000 car repairs
(OK not quite 50,000...but it was a lot)
2 car accidents...
and that is just scratching the surface!
We will definitely cherish the sweet memories of this year
and we are so glad to have made it through the challenges
that 2013 had to offer.
Now onto a
Come on 2014
We're ready for some fun!
Out with the with the NEW!
I have 3 different calendar sets
for you this year!
The first is a NEW STYLE that I use for our
Family Birthday and Anniversary Calendar.

...Here's a look at January...
Your February pages will look like this...
Each calendar has a place to list the month's
birthdays and anniversaries.
It also has a page for photo's.
I added our family's monthly theme as well...
But that will be a SURPRISE for another post!
Here's the PDF:
2014 Birthday and Anniversary Calendar Packet PDF

Watch for coordinating
"Here's What We Did This Month"
Journal Pages as well!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mix Recipes

Here are a few MiXeS
that will make summertime cooking
a lot easier!
...Starting with Breakfast...
...and of course DESSERT...
Here's what you will need to do:
The first page is a list of ingredients
These are the ingredients you will put into a quart jar.
Layer the ingredients in the order they are listed
and press as you go.
(Just don't squish the pasta!)
You will want to put your Parmesan cheese
into a separate Ziploc bag and include it in the jar.
The second page includes the instructions
you will need to make the meal or dessert. 
To prepare the mix...
just follow the instructions on the second page.
It's as easy as that!
Here's the PDF:
(It's a big file so it may take a while to load!)
I printed mine on card stock, punched two holes in the top
and then laminated them. 
I tied them with a ribbon so that I will be able
to use the same label over and over.
I will be adding the 4 Generations Pages
and Memory Game to the
Spiritual Survival Can